If you’re looking for the best hot air balloon flights, sunrise is always the way.  Sunrise flights are lovely.  The winds are calmer, and you see the sun rise over the landscape while you are up to 2000 feet above the earth.  It’s a beautiful sight, fun, and an excellent experience for early risers who want the best hot air ballooning experience.  Singles, Couples, Families and Large Groups will love a sunrise flight. 


Please plan for a four-hour ballooning experience.  Yes, it’s early in the morning, but nothing beats seeing the sun rays hitting as you lift off from the launch site.  You’ll fly over treetops, catch the wind at different altitudes, and after approximately one hour, your pilot will set the balloon down at the landing site.  You will then enjoy a celebration with beverages and light snacks.

You will be on a shared hot air balloon ride with other guests (10-12) or book a private group flight (10-12) if you prefer.

Book a flight for yourself, your family, or your friends!