Pre-Flight Information


Flights can be purchased and scheduled through Book now! 

Flight Line

You will need to call the flight line (1-855-KIS-S111, option 2) after 11 pm the night before your flight (for sunrise flights) or after 2 pm the day of your flight (for sunset flights) to receive information about your flight time and meeting location. In some situations, we will cancel your flight at this time if we do not believe weather will allow us to fly within acceptable safety limits.


Hot air balloon flights take place in winds less than 10 knots (about 18 kph), with no rain or approaching storms in the immediate area.  Flights also require visibility of at least 4 km. For this reason, flights may be rescheduled if the weather is not cooperating with us.

Passenger Dress Code

Dress for the weather! The weather in the air is the same as on the ground, and we will be outside for up to four hours. If you think you might want a jacket, we recommend you bring one along. As well, please do not wear high heels or sandals you will need practical footwear for potential landing locations.

Passenger Restrictions

Balloon passengers must be in good physical condition to fly. Passengers must be able to: climb in/out of the basket, stand for the duration of the flight, tolerate landings and walk out of a field if needed. People with physical limitations, back/neck/knee problems, who have recently undergone surgery or who are pregnant should not ride in a balloon. As well, we require all children to be over the age of 12 to fly. Safety is our main concern. If you are concerned with health or safety issues, please consult with your physician or call our office to discuss the individual situation.


Each passenger will be required to complete a Passenger Liability Waiver. Please bring it with you to your flight as the pilot will be collecting them. You can find both of these documents listed on each location’s page.